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Welcome to DataLore Screencast Tutorials from XtraLean Software.  These tutorials were created and designed to

help you get the most out of DataLore V2.x. To take full advantage of these screencasts, please start with the

Introduction screencast first, and then proceed on to any other tutorials of interest to you, in any order you

wish. Each tutorial is approximately 2 minutes long.

Click on the "Introduction" thumbnail  above to start viewing. When you are finished with the Introduction, please

continue on to the other tutorials, moving in order of those that you are most interested in.

These tutorials are a work in progress. Please check back often as more tutorials are added.

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1. Introduction: Get a

quick rundown of the



2. Leverage the

Keyboard Hot Keys


3. How to Get More

Lore on Your Files

Free Lead Software Management Applications and What You Need to Know About Them