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DataLore Troubleshooting

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DataLore is not finding any files. What gives?

DataLore uses Spotlight to search for files on your computer. Therefore, Spotlight must be enabled on your Mac in

order for DataLore to search and find files. If Spotlight is enabled and DataLore still isn't returning any search

results, then check Spotlight to see if it's finding any files. If Spotlight can't find your files either, then you'll need

to consult with Apple's documentation or contact Apple, to help you get Spotlight working on your Mac.

If Spotlight is enabled and it can find files, but you're still having trouble with DataLore, then double check your

search criteria and date range, press Command-N to start a new search, press Command-E to search everywhere

and make sure My Computer is selected in the top left pop up list.

Can DataLore find Hidden Files?

No - DataLore uses Spotlight to find files on your Mac. Since Spotlight does not index or search hidden files, then

DataLore will not be able to search hidden files either.

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